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Hi Everybody

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Hi Everybody

Messagepar michelk » 01 Mai 2011, 14:59

I am a former CTO/CIO from San Francisco, California now living in sweet France. I started delivery Open Source solutions back in 2002. I have analysed and tested over a hundred LAMP software over time and implemented, or had implemented many including osCommerce, PHP Gallery, Ovidentia (French) and lately openEMR for US MEdical Clinics. I was looking at "better than Magento" and I found openCart which obnviously I did compare with osCommerce. It's slick and I am recommending it to the owner of small Brick & Mortar boutiques. BTW, I'll be happy to help anyone setting up a eShop for US customers (there are about 10,000 of use around here!).

Good job to all!

(please reply in French is you want... my French writing is pretty bad but reading and talking is ok :)
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